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2761 Kingston Road, Scarborough ON

(416) 264-3000

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    Kingston Road Pub & Grill review on 2017-07-25 22:22:16

    in response to: Fair Roy ... This is the simplest scenerio I can surmise for you , and the crew ..." Mary ...

    Yes as a new patron here with the laptop open take our own opinion on the establishment since he advised us that a disgruntled customer is TRYING to bad talk his food... employees ... and just are jealous of his success... As far you who font like this place ... many do ... so why don't you find a bar who will put up with you crying over your sad life and bothering other patrons... Roy has told me you hav3 been trying to trash his place of business ... but now you he still has the clientel that which we will give normal reviews and you will still be the same person who you always have been
    Roy has told me who you are and for someone who lived in a motel crying every night ... he has nothing to worry about... He still has clients like myself who love his place ... who have money ... who don't cry Cristine ... so I'd advise you to stop crying over nothing and stop before you ruin your life over Roy!!!

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