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2761 Kingston Road, Scarborough ON

(416) 264-3000

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    Kingston Road Pub & Grill review on 2017-07-21 22:39:00

    Fair Roy ...This is the simplest scenerio I can surmise for you, and the crew..."Mary Smith is curious to know what bar is popular on Kingston Road...So she reads some reviews on line...Most bars have mixed reviews....She analyzes Kingston Pub and Grill...Do you honestly think she cares if ex patrons drinks too much, (which ironically works to your detriment) whether ex patron is married, or a "loser, low life" Heck no....she's thinking why are Bar responded so obnoxious, and overly defensive....Hate ex patrons all you want..Lift them beer bottles to the mouth seeping in your inner rage. Ex patrons livelihoods or reputation don't depend on these reviews..Yours does...Yes very professional and potential customers read these sites......CHEERS!!

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